Himes Delivers Impassioned Acceptance Speech – Darien Patch

November 6, 2012 – By Chandra Johnson Greene Speaking to a crowd of Democrats, Jim Himes pledged that he will stand by his principles, but that he will compromise and do what is needed to move the country forward.

With his family at his side—minutes after his opponent, Steve Obsitnik, conceded, Himes delivered an impassioned acceptance speech.

"In the greatest nation on the planet where we all stand for individual liberty and freedom, but we all recognize that we are at our best, we are at our blessed, when we recognize that we have a duty towards each other.”

He went on to thank Obsitnik, calling him a "good man," who "ran a good campaign."

“In a nation of very ugly campaigns this one was an exception,” Himes said. "We value civility."

Looking toward the future, Himes reflected on the recurring message he heard as he traveled the 4th District this election season—one that mirrored President Barack Obama's platform: make sure the country recovers fully economically and that it provides opportunities for all.

"The greatest nation in the world can afford to education each child in this country superbly,” he said. "The greatest nation can make sure that not a single American dies or gets ill without access to healthcare."

“We celebrate indivduals, we really do," he said. "We say God bless you, go out there and succeed. Start a business. Get rich. Do well. Be a leader in your community, but also never forget, that you got there because like my oppposent Steve Obsitnik and I, we got to go to good public schools.”

In closing, Himes noted what he said most in the district and country feel, that the House of Representatives has been "pretty dysfunctional" the last couple of years. And that people just want things to get done.

His pledge: "I will continue to do what I have tried to do in these last four years, which is to be an independent and thoughtful leader of this district. That I will stand for my principles."

"At the end of the day, I recognize that governing involves standing for your principles, but getting together and making a compromise and doing what you need to do to move the country forward.”