Message from William Tong: The Fireworks are for the Firewall

Message from William Tong on Supreme Court Nomination:

Like many of you, Elizabeth and I are looking forward to watching fireworks with our family. But this year, the fireworks mean so much more to us than a celebration of America’s independence. The fireworks are a call to action, a reminder that, in the face of unprecedented attacks on our democratic institutions, we must now now build a firewall to protect our fundamental rights and liberties and our way of life.

As the Democratic nominee for Attorney General, I know that the job of the Attorney General is growing bigger every day. It is not enough to be the people’s lawyer. It is clear that the Attorney General must lead the way in building that firewall. Yes, in courtrooms, but also in state legislatures, in Congress, among activists and advocacy organizations, and on the streets and communities across Connecticut. This is the job I was trained to do.
Trump’s cruel policy to separate children from their families shows us how critical it is to form a Civil Rights Division in the Attorney General’s Office, including an Immigrant Rights Unit, and to further strengthen the TRUST Act and build a stronger firewall in the legislature to protect immigrants here in Connecticut. The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the travel ban shows that the threat of hate and division is not really foreign but domestic.

After the U.S. Supreme Court’s destructive decision in Janus, we must join with organized labor and our state’s unions to protect and strengthen the economic firewall that they have built for Connecticut’s working families.

After yet another mass shooting at the Capitol Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, we must ban ghost guns and stand ready to file suit to enjoin any federal encroachment on our state’s gun laws, many of which I personally wrote and passed over my decade in the state legislature. As a certified Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate, I will work closely with them and other gun safety organizations to continue to improve one of the strongest firewalls in the country against gun violence.

And now, Justice Kennedy’s retirement will trigger the biggest fight to protect a woman’s right choose since Roe v. Wade, the firewall that has protected our reproductive rights for generations.

Together, we must be the firewall, the first and the last line of defense to protect our way of life.