Darien Democratic Town Committee
2023 Election and commission openings

If you are interested in running for an upcoming elected position or commission, please e-mail our Nominating Committee

Town Positions

Current Officials

First Selectman
full Board of Selectmen
(2 year term)
Monica McNally, Sarah Neumann, Mike Burke,
Jon Zagrodzky, and Marcy Minnick
Board of Finance
(4 year term)
Dan Bumgardner, James Palen, and Taylor Carter 
Board of Education
(3 year term)
Sara Parent, Duke Dineen, and Dennis Maroney
Planning & Zoning
(4 year term)
George Reilly, Amy Barsanti, Geoff Ball,
Michael Nedder
Town Treasurer
(2 year term, paid)
Joan Hendrickson
Town Clerk
(2 year term, paid)
Christa McNamara

Current Commission Openings 

Advisory Committee on Sustainability meets monthly on Wednesdays usually around noon or 1:00pm.  The meetings are remote.  We need to fill one spot.Role

  • Monitor a public education program emphasizing single stream recycling, identifying items that can be recycled but are not single stream, and tracking progress in increasing recycling volume.
  • Continue to examine the business model of the transfer station as well as the impact of the single stream and permit fee changes that were implemented in 2013/2014. 
  • Evaluate other recycling initiatives to increase general awareness and handling of other wastes. 
  • Plan and execute a public event around Earth Day to highlight recycling resources and initiatives.  Work with the Middlesex Middle School to strengthen their transition to Single Stream Recycling. 
  • Facilitate coordination between DPW and the swap shop to continue the successful operation of the swap shop. 
  • Recommend actions to assist the Town in reducing the quantity of municipal solid waste disposed of at the transfer station aFacilitate coordination between DPW and the swap shop to continue the successful operation of the swap shop. 
  • Look for opportunities to implement single stream recycling in local businesses. 
  • To serve as the Town of Darien’s Clean Energy Task Force.
  • Assist with coordination of the Town of Darien’s participation in SustainableCT and serve as the Town’s Sustainability Team

Advisory Commission on Coastal Waters meets monthly on Mondays at 7:30pm in person.  We need to fill 3 spots.


  • Advise Board of Selectmen (BoS) of any recommended changes to the town boating ordinance. 
  • Advise BoS on w protection of and use of coastal waters and shell fishing
  • Accept reports and suggestions from the Harbor Master
  • Receive reports and letters from the public pertaining to Darien’s waters
  • Consult with Darien Police Department, Fire Department, Coast Guard and Harbor Master in promoting boating safety  

Monuments & Ceremonies Commission meets on Tuesdays at 3:30 pm in person.  They do not meet monthly.  We need to fill one spot.


The Monuments and Ceremonies Commission consists of 15 members charged with establishing guidelines for new monuments, markers and plaques erected on public property and with cataloging, surveying and identifying maintenance and upkeep needs of all memorial monuments, markers and plaques on town property. When requested by the Board of Selectmen, this Commission organizes, prepares and monitors public patriotic parades, public celebrations, anniversaries and special community events to enhance the image of the town. When relevant, the Commission consults and coordinates its activities with other town Boards and Commissions. This Commission formed a sub-committee to help in the restoration of abandoned cemeteries and a committee to recognize Darien’s Bicentennial.

The Youth Commission meets on Wednesdays at 7:30pm.  They do not meet monthly.  We need to fill one spot.


  • The youth commission shall keep itself knowledgeable of the conditions and needs of the youth of the town in regard to their health, recreation, employment and general welfare. 
  • The commission shall develop, plan, coordinate and/or conduct such programs and/or activities that in its judgment address the health, recreation, employment and general welfare requirements of the youth of the town. Such programs and activities shall avoid unnecessary duplication of those provided by public and private agencies.
  • The commission shall prepare and present to the board of selectmen an annual operating budget. The operating budget shall include a section reflecting estimated revenues and a section covering requested expenses by project or activity. 
  • The commission shall be held responsible for operating within its approved budget, and for this purpose shall conduct a monthly review of actual expenses and revenues. Prior approval by the commission is required for financial commitments as will be specified in the rules and regulations of the commission. 
  • The commission in association with the board of selectmen may employ and supervise such employees as may be authorized by the town.
  • The commission shall submit an annual report of its activities to the board of selectmen as well as other reports which may be required.