FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Darien, CT – March 13, 2024

New Leadership Announced for 2024-2026 Darien Democratic Town Committee

The 2024-2026 Darien Democratic Town Committee is proud to introduce its newly elected leadership team, bringing renewed energy and commitment to local engagement as we face new opportunities and challenges. The committee’s leadership for the upcoming term includes:

  • Chair: Rob Richards
  • Vice Chair: Goody Gray
  • Treasurer: Dan Noble
  • Secretary: Sheila Quinn


In addition to the executive team, the committee welcomes an esteemed group of members who reflect a diverse range of perspectives and experiences:

  • Adam Balgach
  • Michael Balzano
  • Katherine Gray Bunoski
  • Krista Carnes
  • Marcia Cleary
  • Lenore Douglas
  • Kristin Edwards
  • Susie Flaherty
  • Corey Frate
  • Susan Gray
  • Ric Grefé
  • Abigail Hornstein
  • Alicia Johnson
  • Kathy Piro
  • Erika Procaccini
  • Sherry Ramsay
  • Jennifer Leahy Slotkin
  • Maureen Early Vlak
  • Alison von Klemperer


“2024 marks a pivotal election year, and it has never been more important for the Darien community to actively participate at the National, State, and LOCAL levels,” stated Rob Richards, a former Selectman and the newly appointed Chair. “We urge individuals to contribute as volunteers or consider becoming candidates themselves. Your involvement is crucial to developing policy and pursuing strategies that protect our children’s health, safety, and education and continue to develop Darien with respect for people, place, and planet.”


Goody Gray, Vice Chair and head of Nominating emphasized a commitment to developing winning local strategies and called for widespread participation. “We are actively seeking individuals to engage with us as we shape effective local approaches,” Gray stated.


As part of their efforts to enhance local representation, the committee seeks candidates to run for the 141st State Representative position. Prospective candidates are encouraged to contact Goody Gray at for further information.


The 2024 Democratic Town Slate, poised for election this year, includes:

  • 141st State Representative
  • Board of Education – Julie Best
  • Registrar of Voters – Susan Gray

The 2024-2026 Darien Democratic Town Committee looks forward to an enthusiastic and engaged community as they work towards a prosperous future for Darien.


For media inquiries, please contact Ric Grefé at