On Jan. 14, 2020, registered Darien Democrats caucused at the Town Hall Auditorium to elect the next Darien Democratic Town Committee (“DTC”) for a two year term commencing March 4, 2020.

Current Town Committee Chairman David Bayne chaired the caucus. After calling the caucus to order, the DTC Search Committee’s slate of 20 persons was nominated and seconded. Nominations were then taken from the floor and three additional persons were nominated and seconded for positions on the 2020-22 DTC. Nominations were then closed and all persons nominated were unanimously elected by a voice vote.

The members of the 2020-2022 Darien Democratic Town Committee are:

Frank Adelman

David Bayne

Sean Bunoski

Francisco Cardona

John “JC” Carter

Christine Castles

Loren Gomez

Susan Gray

Elizabeth Hall

David Maloof

Dan Nalawade

Wyatt Piedra

Margaret Rague

Ann Reed

Rob Richards

Glenn Ritch

Jean Sweeney

Sharad Samy

Danica Tarin

David Tarin

Barbara Thorne

Cecil Wade

Lisa Yarnell

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