Below  is a letter from CT Democratic Party Chair Nancy Wyman regarding the presidential primary.


February 3, 2020


Dear Connecticut Democratic Party Leaders and Members:


With the start of voting in the 2020 Presidential primaries only hours away, I write to wish you well in supporting the candidate of your choice. But I also want to remind Democrats across the state that we have one singular and common goal – defeating Donald Trump on November 3rd.


It has been a long three years since the 2016 Presidential election. But Democrats have pulled together behind remarkable candidates in Connecticut and across the country to regain local offices, state legislatures, as well as U.S. Senate and Congressional seats. And this year, we have an outstanding field of barrier-breaking and well-qualified candidates for President.


As we move into the final months of choosing a candidate for President, I ask every Democrat in Connecticut to remember what is at stake: the future of our nation. Democrats are the party of inclusion, the party that cares about affordable accessible health care and saving the planet from global warming. We are the party of solutions, not barriers.


As a veteran of more Democratic elections and party battles than I can count, I am asking every Democrat in the state to support their candidates with respect for one another and an eye on November. And I am asking every Democrat to join me in a commitment to support whichever candidate is victorious at the end of this primary season.  


I think we all can agree that any one of the Democrats on the ticket will restore dignity and confidence in the Oval Office.


Together, we can win the White House.


All my best,



Nancy Wyman